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Not Seeing Weight Loss Results?

Weight loss is a personal journey that a lot of us go through. We look in the mirror and decide that we want to change for ourselves, our confidence, and our health. You start by doing all the right steps, eating balanced meals, going to the gym regularly, and walking more instead of driving.


Some people start seeing results almost immediately, and you try to be supportive of them, but if your weight loss journey isn’t going quite the way you expect, it can be difficult to feel positive.


You may start looking at more weight loss solutions, but it seems like a minefield. Some involve going under the knife, some means going on extreme diets and going to boot camps and it can all seem overwhelming. It can feel easy to just drop all the effort and hard work that you have put in.

Melt The Fat Away

Our UltraCavitation is a unique, non-invasive, body contouring machine that is designed to melt away fat and cellulite in the body. While other similar machines only freeze the fat cells, UltraCavitation uses ultrasound waves to completely melt and disperse the fat cells, making it an effective non-invasive method of fat loss.

Our UltraCavitation Fat Reduction can help with:

  • Reducing cellulite
  • Toning tissue
  • Stubborn pockets of fat anywhere on the body

When you look your best you feel your best.

How Does It Work?

With our UltraCavitation Fat Reduction, we use heat to target fat cells. The procedure takes under 30 minutes and we use an ultrasound to heat targeted areas and break down the fatty tissue. The rest of the process is done by your body. The “melted” fat cells will be removed and flushed out by natural processes through your lymphatic system, which takes 2-3 months.

Although heat is used, this procedure is completely painless and at most you’ll feel a warm, tingling sensation in the targeted area.

Immediately after having a Cavitation treatment, you can start to see results. However, in the weeks following treatment, providing you follow a healthy lifestyle, you will notice more of a change in your body.

We recommend continuing to follow a healthy lifestyle, reduced amounts of alcohol, having a balanced diet, and plenty of exercise.

Cavitation is different to other fat reduction in that it completely destroys fat cells, rather than shrink or freeze them. After treatment, we recommend following a healthy and balanced lifestyle to prevent new fat cells from forming.

Why Choose Us

Seeing our clients feel their confident best is what drives us.

Our lovely, friendly staff create a relaxing atmosphere to make it the perfect place for you to unwind, and enjoy a bit of “you” time.

Established in the heart of Latchford for over 15 years it’s this friendly, relaxed environment that our clients keep coming back for, combined with a professional attitude and a wealth of experience totalling over 50 years, you can be assured you are in safe hands in our salon.

Specialising in hair colouring, extensions and non-surgical treatments, we are passionate about making everyone feel good about themselves, because we believe that if you feel good, you look good too!

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